Thursday, January 15, 2009

save your scraps

i am out for the weekend, but i wanted to quickly share a tip about saving your scrap paper and get them in use! i had paper i wanted to use in my printer for a project, but the papers were slightly to large.

so i used my lovely paper slicer :) and it left me with these small strips of paper.

the slightly wider paper strips i am doing a little giveaway project with ;) i will be back with more on that in a week or so!

and the rest of the paper strips are going into my guerilla art project of spreading love and good thought :) i left one in a public bathroom today! it read you look beautiful today! and i put it at the corner of the mirror. i hope that it makes someone smile :)
this is also a step to work in my list number 25: continue to do more small things for our enviroment.

in my last post the title said ...& e and i saw that the e part fell away :)
anyways i wanted to share my e wall i am saving for. as my real name is elisabet i wanted to create a wall full of e´s very much inspired by a number of different bloggers for example andrea of hula seventy

as of now i only a very few but i am on a look out for more e´s.
this white e came in the mail on thursday and it is beautiful!

today i have spend the day kissing and hugging the two sweetest one-year olds in the world!

i can´t believe my twin neices are 1 already!

be back tomorrow or monday! love

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karine said...

I find all this letters very funny... and decorating