Thursday, January 22, 2009

a little of everything

ok, here we go.
since i last posted i have:

1. watched the Barack Obama celebration! if you want to see the best photos i have seen of that event go here, you won´t be sorry!


the story: a tradition on december 24th (when we celebrate Christmas) we always watch a program at 3pm. i have watched it all my life, my husband too and i think alot of Swedes can relate :) it is a disney movie mix and we only watch it once a year. now my daugter has become another person who keep up that tradition!

the goods: as most of the time, i wanted to keep it simple. i love these colors together! and i really wanted to use that snowman paper again! it seems like i am very into scratching the paper edges ;)

the story: my daughter took this beautiful photo of my husband and my hands late this summer. i love it soo much! we have it hanging above our bed too :)

the goods: the tag is my minds eye and you can get it here. i have some lovey dovey journaling tucked behind the photo ;)

the story: well, our dixon is such a social dog. he doesn´t feel well when he is outside of a crowd. he always want to be in the centre of the action and well, let´s be honest center of attention too :) this photo is taken during my daughters sleepover-birthday party last august!

the goods: i really like the hot pink on that grey paper. it really pops! and i found those letter stickers from basic grey that i had almost forgotten about! i had one sheet of that lovely american crafts paper with the circles and i have almost used that sheet all up, but i have made like 5 layouts with it ;)

the story: this story is getting old, really. i am so mad at my self for not being able to change my eating habits and getting my butt out to power walk or whatvever!!! how hard can it be?!

the goods: i used the cute white stickers from a french company called Tosga that karine send me :) and i also used becky higgins journaling cards that you can download here.

watched the pets doing weird things around the house :) but that isn´t very rare haha!

have also been struck by some yucky stomach bug so i was home from work yesterday and today too. feeling better though!

i will be back tonight or tomorrow with the pre-valentine giveaways!

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Sharmaine said...

Hi Lisa :) :)
Just saw your page on 2p's and thought I would come say hiya :)
Congrats on the pick on 2p's and I have bloglined you, and about to add you to my blog, so I can come visit again :)