Friday, July 09, 2010


one of the things i have been working on is my new blog!


please update your rss feeds and links :)

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

things to be happy about

a while back i bought the book "14.000 things to be happy about" which i have read the first 15 pages of. some of the things the author has listed don´t comply to me, but here are my favorites from pages 1-10:

-waking up early and having breafast together outside
-tender, loving touches
-rearranging the apartment
-serendipitous plans
-the sensuality of a scalp rub
-watering your garden
-thought while ironing
-the little things in life that really make your day go right
-not worrying about having what everyone else has
-returning librarybooks
-rising early
-wild roses, blush pink and spicily fragrant in the cool of the night

i am hoping this book while boost to see the little things in life!
and i am sure this will trig me to write my own list and hopefully scrapbook it!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

how i use my concrete creations :)

the things i made with concrete the other week are placed alittle bit here and there in my backyard.
this bowl i made using a rhubarb leaf holds rocks and shells that we collect.
i placed it on my front steps, but i might move it and use it as a birdbath later.

i made some flat shapes aswell.
this one i made using a baking form and when i had poured the concrete into the mold, i put sea glass ontop.
i use it in one of my flowerbeds as a decoration.

more decorations (the leaf shape was a project from last year that went ehum, not so well!, but i love it anyway!) and a stepping stone i made last year where i put strawberry leafs in the bottom so that it would show up when i turned it up side down.
it is great to have something to put my foot on when i pick the weeds!

these are small roses that i put a stick to and use as both decorations and when a plant need some support.
i made them using a ice cube mold!

these are probably my favorites!
first i wanted to use them as stepping stones, but then i needed something to spice up my herbgarden :)

i also wanted to show you a project that didn´t go exactly the way i wanted.
as i made this pot, i used one larger plastic bowl and a smaller one. well, i got the larger one of when the concrete had dried, the smaller one...not so much :) so i sacrified that smaller plastic bowl and took some plants from the garden and this is what i got!
i love it!

have a wonderful day!
and don´t forget to say hi in the comments, it will make me smile :)

Monday, July 05, 2010


i enjoyed my view at the beach yesterday.
my daughter came home from camp where she has been over a week.
i missed her.

she played in the sand, serving me all kinds of sand meals.
but this is where she made a pool, which became a bubblepool after some ehm air was broken :)
this ofcourse was hilarious :)

i love that she is home!

this week i will share some photos of how and where i use the things in cement i have been making.

i hope to find both the time and the urge to scrapbook.

i will share some of my favorites from the book "14,000 things to be happy about" which i heard about over at this lovely blog.  

i hope that july has treaten you good so far ♥

Sunday, July 04, 2010

she is home ♥

she is finally home after being away for a good while.
i will post some new photos tomorrow.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

canning season

yesterday i made my own strawberry jam.
canning season always makes me happy.
and ables me to feel like i am a homemaker for reals.

wardrobe re-fashion

i have done a few alterations in my wardrobe the last cuple of years. and i love it! i love to go into a store/thrift store and see something and think, well if i picked that of or sewed something there...and the cherry onto? my daughter has begun thinking the exact way!
i love that!
this time it was this skirt i bought at a thriftshop. i do like the beaded lining, but wanted a more everyday casual look instead.

i begun with cutting the whole beaded part of. i am saving it, i might find a use for it in another project.

the other week my husband threw away some boxershorts that he didn´t like. before they went in the trashcan, i cut the elastic of.

i pinned the elastic to the top of the skirt. i thought it would go smother, but i did have a little bit of trubble since i had to gather the fabric so it would be even later. then i sewed a single stitch on my sewingmachine and voila; a casual summer long skirt!