Friday, July 09, 2010


one of the things i have been working on is my new blog!


please update your rss feeds and links :)

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

things to be happy about

a while back i bought the book "14.000 things to be happy about" which i have read the first 15 pages of. some of the things the author has listed don´t comply to me, but here are my favorites from pages 1-10:

-waking up early and having breafast together outside
-tender, loving touches
-rearranging the apartment
-serendipitous plans
-the sensuality of a scalp rub
-watering your garden
-thought while ironing
-the little things in life that really make your day go right
-not worrying about having what everyone else has
-returning librarybooks
-rising early
-wild roses, blush pink and spicily fragrant in the cool of the night

i am hoping this book while boost to see the little things in life!
and i am sure this will trig me to write my own list and hopefully scrapbook it!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

how i use my concrete creations :)

the things i made with concrete the other week are placed alittle bit here and there in my backyard.
this bowl i made using a rhubarb leaf holds rocks and shells that we collect.
i placed it on my front steps, but i might move it and use it as a birdbath later.

i made some flat shapes aswell.
this one i made using a baking form and when i had poured the concrete into the mold, i put sea glass ontop.
i use it in one of my flowerbeds as a decoration.

more decorations (the leaf shape was a project from last year that went ehum, not so well!, but i love it anyway!) and a stepping stone i made last year where i put strawberry leafs in the bottom so that it would show up when i turned it up side down.
it is great to have something to put my foot on when i pick the weeds!

these are small roses that i put a stick to and use as both decorations and when a plant need some support.
i made them using a ice cube mold!

these are probably my favorites!
first i wanted to use them as stepping stones, but then i needed something to spice up my herbgarden :)

i also wanted to show you a project that didn´t go exactly the way i wanted.
as i made this pot, i used one larger plastic bowl and a smaller one. well, i got the larger one of when the concrete had dried, the smaller one...not so much :) so i sacrified that smaller plastic bowl and took some plants from the garden and this is what i got!
i love it!

have a wonderful day!
and don´t forget to say hi in the comments, it will make me smile :)

Monday, July 05, 2010


i enjoyed my view at the beach yesterday.
my daughter came home from camp where she has been over a week.
i missed her.

she played in the sand, serving me all kinds of sand meals.
but this is where she made a pool, which became a bubblepool after some ehm air was broken :)
this ofcourse was hilarious :)

i love that she is home!

this week i will share some photos of how and where i use the things in cement i have been making.

i hope to find both the time and the urge to scrapbook.

i will share some of my favorites from the book "14,000 things to be happy about" which i heard about over at this lovely blog.  

i hope that july has treaten you good so far ♥

Sunday, July 04, 2010

she is home ♥

she is finally home after being away for a good while.
i will post some new photos tomorrow.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

canning season

yesterday i made my own strawberry jam.
canning season always makes me happy.
and ables me to feel like i am a homemaker for reals.

wardrobe re-fashion

i have done a few alterations in my wardrobe the last cuple of years. and i love it! i love to go into a store/thrift store and see something and think, well if i picked that of or sewed something there...and the cherry onto? my daughter has begun thinking the exact way!
i love that!
this time it was this skirt i bought at a thriftshop. i do like the beaded lining, but wanted a more everyday casual look instead.

i begun with cutting the whole beaded part of. i am saving it, i might find a use for it in another project.

the other week my husband threw away some boxershorts that he didn´t like. before they went in the trashcan, i cut the elastic of.

i pinned the elastic to the top of the skirt. i thought it would go smother, but i did have a little bit of trubble since i had to gather the fabric so it would be even later. then i sewed a single stitch on my sewingmachine and voila; a casual summer long skirt!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

a scrapbooking post finally

finally i have some scrapbooking pages to show you! i took them outside and hung thenm in a tree in the backyard to photograph them!

and for this first layout, it is very suiteable as it is about my ever growing love for gardening :)
i love that snail patterned paper (panduro) and i saw those dot effects somewhere online and thought it gave so much to the page. and simple; circle punch + glue dot!
and since i didn´t have an "O" to spell "love" i used a felt heart instead.

i know this is a poor excuse for a photo of a 2 pager, but it still is :) i tried to bind the 2 together by using the same green patterned papers for the circle accents.

i love the fact that you can use your blogposts and transfer them onto a scrapbook layout, but as i usually scrapbook in swedish i seldom do use my blogposts (as i always blog in english!), but this time i did. i used my writing from this blogpost earlier this week. i thought that it captured exactly what i wanted to say in both blog and layout.

ok, thats all from me today. but tomorrow or friday i have a wardrobe refashon post in store for you!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

a hot day

today was so hot!
so we are spending the night in the shade in the garden reading and dozing off ♥

Sunday, June 27, 2010

my black boy

he is such a good boy!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

where i go to get energy

you know all people have those days. those days when you are like drained and down. i have those day kinda often. today was one of those days. i am home alone, the other ones are out and about. i am home with the dogs. i haven´t really talked to anyone the whole day and i didn´t quiet know what to do with myself.
so, i packed the dogs up in the car and we went to the beach.
the beach is my place to place to think. my place to wander. my place to pick rocks. my place to breath.

i especially like to go to the beach at night/sunset year round. it is usually quiet and empty. i like to be alone with my thoughts. rock picking and just to sit and feel the sand on my hands. the light is usually magic. just magic. 
sometimes i go to the beach when it is stormy. i can sit in the sand and just feel every bad thought and anxious feeling blowing away in the wind. 

tonight the air was so fresh and the sense of a beautiful summer night was so intense. the water was so still and glimmering.
 i stretched and took a few deep refreshing breaths.
i waded in the water.
i picked rocks.
 i felt better.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010


i must say that my heart skipped a beat when i saw my rhubarb concretes :) i love love love them! before i have been to nosy and haven´t waited long enough to remove the actual leaf, alas it is hard to pick it away and sticks to the concrete. but this time i waited extra long, so the leaf just came right off!

i present one crocked lightholder ;) i still love the texture.

i collect not one rocks, but also sandglass! i used a few in my collection to get this plate. i use it as a decoration in one of my flowerbeds.

to get this one, i used a round shaped form and laid the leaf in the bottom before adding the concrete. again, i love the texture of the leaf!

these photo/noteholders are cute i think. i will sand them and add soft dots in the bottom so they won´t scratch the surface they are placed on.

lesson learned: oil EVERYTHING before adding the wet concret. i have 2 other projects that went in the garbage bin since i couldn´t even get the concrete out of the forms!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

my june so far

my june so far from Lisa Ottosson on Vimeo.

getting creative!

don´t miss read that, because i am still in a rut with being creative and all.
i am thinking maybe the lovely weather we have had the last weeks might have something to do with not having anything indoorsy to show you all. outdoor on the other hand i have quite a few new plants, plans for a nursery and i fixed the waterpump all by myself!

i did however start on # 8 on my summer list! i did something in concrete! i haven´t seen the result yet, the things are in a friends garage still. but tomorrow i might have to sneak inside to have a peak!
i found lots of inspiration on benitas blog (scroll down a bit) where she has been sharing her concrete projects!
i hope that i can show you some stuff tomorrow when i have seen it myself :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

my wall art

i know that i am way late with this post, but life got busy. but here it is! the wall art i worked on last week. i have seen so many cool trays around the internet the last cuple of months. i have a few of these laying around here since i was younger, so i decided to give it a try.

i had so much fun picking out the bits and pieces for this project. i picked out way to many, but i am happy with what i ended up with! (i see now that the upper right corner have lost its pp!)

and this is where it hangs! i made room when i rearranged my wall the other day!

here are some links to other cool printer trays:


a class

well, i can go on and on! i have a sense that this might be a cool christmas gift!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

washer winner

ok, i asked my husband to say a number between 1-7 and he said...4 and that would be...

Susanna said...

These are great Lisa!

I'm working on making stuff to sell at the dollhouse fair in July.. on my desk right now are tiny miniature leather suitcases :)

so, susanna: Onneksi olkoon! is that right??? please email me with your adress and what you would like to have printed on the washer! joy!

and please go take a look at all the sweetness susanna has on her blog!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

giveaway closed

i am sorry that it took the whole day for me to get this post up! but the weather has been superb today so we have spend the day outside!
ok, so here is the giveaway!
i am giving one lucky winner one of my custom made washer necklaces! yay! i love making them and i have several of my own and i love them!

one lucky winner get to send me the names or maybe a short saying/message that she/he would like to have printed on the washer. the necklace comes with a black or white elastic string.

how can you enter this lovely giveaway, you may ask. well, simply comment on this post telling me what your next craft project is!

i will draw a winner on sunday!
good luck!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

drizzel + fullbodied {creativity boot camp}

i finally got these two done for the creativity boot camp. i struggled with both, but then i googled the translation of the words abit better and these two ideas came to mind.

ps. be sure to stop by tomorrow as i am having a giveaway!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


i managed to get some scrapbooking done on sunday night. itis funny how i  long to sit down and create, but then almost have to force myself to acctually do it!

hehe! yes, these two had some good old hillbillie fun with the lawnmower from my husbands work! i instantly thought of the title when i saw and heard their laughter as they raced with the mower! i initially wanted to use buttons to make a banner, but i cannot remember where i have put all my buttons!!! so i used some butterflies instead :)

i seem to love these studio calico stamps all together, because this is the second time i have used them as a group! i took this photo during our first outside meal of this summer season!
i am not super happy with using that patterned paper as my background...

and i wanted to give you a peak of my newly done wall that i talked about in my last post. i hope to show you the whole shabang this week sometime!

Monday, June 14, 2010


todays post will be very random (as most are!)

* i spend the weekend in gothenburg celebrating my grandomother and grandfathers birthdays. we ate at my sisters house surrounded by lots of kids and laughs. i gave my mother a late mothers day gift; a photobook with photos from our trip to budapest in april. she loved it!

* i have been making these (see photo above) necklaces for me, my husband and daughter. i love that they are wearing them! my husband has my name and my daughters name and my daughter has all our pets names on hers :) my friend J gave me the metallic stamps for christmas 2 years ago and i have seen so many cool washer necklaces around the blogs lately. i love making them!

* this weekend i am hoping to get to play with some concrete. i bought some this past weekend and am totally inspired my benitas latest blog posts! go check them out!

* todays inspirational word over at creativity boot camp is drizzle and even though it did rain and drizzle today i have not felt inspired to take any photos. and that is ok for me.

* i did a movearound on my walls last night. i am not finished yet, but when i am i´ll show you :)

ok, that is all for now. tomorrow i´ll have some scrapbooking layouts to share!