Saturday, June 05, 2010

summer list

well, i have seen some awesome summer-will-do-lists buzzing around the blogs i read. among others; on whatever and madeline bea. since i already have my 31 list i didn´t want to make a very long summer one. so i went with 10 things i will do this summer:

1. read lots of books
2. swim in the lake
3. pick strawberries and make lemonade
4. sleep in the hammock
5. grill as often as possible
6. eat outside
7. sit outside at night
8. make something with concrete
9. make a new windchime
10. have a garagesale 

do you have a summer to do list? please share!


Rachel said...

Strawberry picking is definitely on our summer list.

melissa said...

GREAT list! I posted a similar one a few days ago :)

Relyn said...

I'm a teacher, so one of the things on my summer list every year is to get the house back in order. To kind of recover from the school year. I clean out the garage, the closets, all the cabinets, deal with piles... You know. Spring cleaning and organizing two months late.