Saturday, June 26, 2010

where i go to get energy

you know all people have those days. those days when you are like drained and down. i have those day kinda often. today was one of those days. i am home alone, the other ones are out and about. i am home with the dogs. i haven´t really talked to anyone the whole day and i didn´t quiet know what to do with myself.
so, i packed the dogs up in the car and we went to the beach.
the beach is my place to place to think. my place to wander. my place to pick rocks. my place to breath.

i especially like to go to the beach at night/sunset year round. it is usually quiet and empty. i like to be alone with my thoughts. rock picking and just to sit and feel the sand on my hands. the light is usually magic. just magic. 
sometimes i go to the beach when it is stormy. i can sit in the sand and just feel every bad thought and anxious feeling blowing away in the wind. 

tonight the air was so fresh and the sense of a beautiful summer night was so intense. the water was so still and glimmering.
 i stretched and took a few deep refreshing breaths.
i waded in the water.
i picked rocks.
 i felt better.


Heather said...

Lisa that sounds so lovely. You are so lucky to be close to the sea. Its my favourite place too but its nearly 2 hours away!!

Jakki said...

I followed you here from your flickr page...your photo speaks volumes on the peace you must feel in this place. and what a beautiful place to be.