Thursday, June 03, 2010

forced scrapbooking

i am sharing with you today the results of scrapbooking that i physically forced myself to do! i have been in such a rut, and i thought well i did the cleaning thing and thinking thing and doing nada thing. now i just did it. i sat down and did these (and some more) pages just to get something down on paper that included glue and pretty paper.

i took a bunch of photos of our cherry tree at different stages in the blooming process. i wanted to use them as a reminder of that spring comes bit by bit. this page is actually about A5 in size. i randomly cut the paper in my cutter and used it as my background. i wanted to use lots of flowers so i did kind of a grid thing.

during our trip to budapest, hungary earlier this year, my daughter kept doing this thing with her fingers! i drove me nuts!!! i knew i wanted to keep that memory. for the photos i did a mosaic over at and cut the individual photos out.

for a long time i have loved the lyrics to "beautiful" with james blunt. i especially love these words. so i took special photos and did a mosaic (again at big huge labs) and used them as my "photo". added the lyrics and voila a gentle reminder to myself!

this is the page where i record how much fun my photoshow was! i love these different patterned papers ♥


Sockergrynet said...

Så många underbara layouter! Tack för inspirationen!

myamia said...

underbara layouter!!! :)
hoppas allt är bra med dig!
kram mya