Friday, January 30, 2009

pre-valentine post #3

ok, i did a little pre-valentine project last night (before i knew that the night would envolve some serious stomach bug mess by my daughter!)
i wanted to make a envelope to put my letter that i am writing my husband for V-day. i had plain white ones, but i wanted a more jazzed up one :)

i used one plain paper envelope

a little piece of red dotted wrapping paper

i picked the envelope apart and traced it onto the wrapping paper.

tada! :)

folded it back together and glued it.

i used a button from the "all buttoned up digital kit" by Katie Pertiet to make a closer. and added a picece of tape to the back so that the envelope could be closed and opened over and over again.

i cut out his initial and some brackets in felt and added a small heart.


oh and i found this
Flickr Valentines Dy Worldwide group that i found cute :)

and i bought some tulips today to brighten the day.

i hope that you all have a lovely friday!

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Anonymous said...

cute envelope!

Tulips are always a pick me up in my book.