Friday, January 02, 2009

the list

ok, so i finished my list. here it is:

1. become a world parent
2. sew more
3. do more guerilla art
4. go to the hairdresser
5. laugh out loud, often
6. go to football games
7. go to ice hockey games
8. dance
9. take my drivers liecens (gulp!)
10. take part of a photocompetion
11. lose 5 kilos
12. try a yoga class
13. go on a remmalag
14. take my daughter to monkey town
15. read a nobelprize winning author
16. attend a photo exhibition
17. go to every exhibition at Persgårdens gallery
18. make a new inspirationboard
19. swing
20. go to a museum by myself
21. save 100 kr every month
22. go to a consert
23. go to the movies 3 times
24. make a "sound collage"
25. continue to make small things for the enviroment
26. take more walks
27. travel
28. look at this list often
29. sleep in a tent
30. love

so, there you have it! i feel so good to have done it! print it here and show it for the world :) i will keep you updated about how this turn out!


as i had the day of today i:

♥ washed 4 loads of laundry including the bed sheets + put away everything and made the beds
♥ did the dishes
♥ took a long walk with sadie
♥ made some tidy-ups around the house
♥ planned some new craft projects
...and scrapbooked!

i made a double 11*8,5 layout! i think it turned out pretty cool ;) i printed out some random questions about me and handwrote the answers. i still have to write a few!

this is a photo i took at mcdonalds a friday night when me, my daugter and my father were out and about. i love our trips to...anywhere!

my husband is terrified of horses, but since our daughter started taking riding lessons this fall he has come a long way with his fear!

and yet another layout recording my daughter. gosh! sometimes i think that she must be the most well documented kid on earth! well, she is my only one :)

i´ll leave you with a photo of dixon and sadie that i took today when dixon came home from work with my husband. i think that might miss eachother sometimes ;)


bunno said...

wow you are so quick :)

love, love the double layout

hey if you ever get sick of scrapping your daughter I can send some photos you way :)


karine said...

Your double layout is very cool!