Thursday, January 01, 2009

hello 2009

so, it is done, another year has been lived. my last year as a "20 something". i will be 30 in february. i have been thinking about how this year will be lived by me...will i just go on in the same pace or will i change something. naturally (i think) the new year is a great place and time for changes, but i really don´t want to make any resolutions, since i really don´t want to kid anyone about trying to keep any of them. i never do! instead i am going to think about what i look forward to and hope for 2009. i am still working on that list, but my word inspired by ali is chosen:

i think that the word play has so many meanings (there were 36 definitions!). i need to lighten up, be silly and live a little! aka play !

i am also thinking about making "30-lists" like 30 things i love, 30 songs i like etc. and i have already started my " 30 things to do before i turn 31" list ala hulaseventy! i will post it when i finish it!

the first day of 2009 was spend mostly on the couch watching a "friends" marathon i had great company though :)

i also cleaned away the christmas stuff.

i have cleaned of my inspiration board and will be adding stuff to it this week. it is refreshing!

ok, i hope that your first day of 2009 was/will be lovely!


mel said...

Happy new year :)

I look forward to your end of year posts, the summary of photos and layouts are lovely.

alittlebitofscrap said...

The photo of the pets is precious :) I like your word for the year, Play. Good luck in the New Year and I look forward to future post :)