Saturday, January 24, 2009

pre-valentine post #2 + winner

ok, if you have been waiting for the giveaway winner here it comes...

"Jodi said...
Love your books!

I love these felt fortune cookies for Valentine's - how cute and easy:

:) so jodi congratulations and please email me your addy and the little package will be on it´s way to you and your bed rest :) i hope that you are doing well!


1.i have been looking out on the lovely internet for some love ideas ;)
this next one is not mine but i cannot for the love of god find where i found it!!! anyway, please read it and have in mind that someone else has originally written it!

"Letting special people know you care

Here's a list of simple ways to let the people you care about know how you feel. While the list was meant for adults, there are lots of ideas that can be used to tell our children that we love them too!

♥ Call or leave messages through the day, just to say I love you. Make the number of calls significant, if you been dating six months, make six calls. If it's your child's fifth birthday, hide five notes with 'I love you' in their school or lunch bags.

♥ Write your love a love letter. Most love letters are written in the early stage of a relationship. It may be years since your special person last received a love letter. Children will treasure a letter from their parents letting them know how special and loved they are.

♥ Think of a regular chore that your love does every day (eg. Take out the garbage). Do that chore and leave a note saying ‘I love you’ (eg. On the garbage can).

♥ Make your own Valentine’s Day card. Get a book of poetry from the library and copy a love poem for the verse.

♥ Make a special dinner using red and white (or a favorite color) as the theme. You could serve spaghetti with tomato sauce (arranged in a heart shape) and garlic bread cut out with heart shaped cookie cutters. Back a cherry or strawberry pie and with a heart cut out in the crust.

♥ Everyone loves to be spoiled with breakfast in bed. Or how about waking a birthday child up with a mug of hot chocolate or freshly squeezed orange juice.

♥ Often families are very busy in the evening and babysitters can be expensive. Arrange to meet your love for lunch. You could go to your favorite restaurant or make a picnic lunch ( for the office or a near by park).

♥ Rent a favorite video, make popcorn and have a night in at the movies. Or make it a family game night where each person gets to play their favorite game."

i am doing the loveletter one :)

2. i heart you more than____ has the cutest reasons why we love someone. there are a lot of reasons :)

3. romance pro/con :) : knock knock has such cool papers and forms. i liked this pro/con romance form :)

4. i usually send a simple card to some of my friends for valentines and i am doing so this year too. this year however the simple part is almost ridiculous! first i found this lovely postcard template online downloaded it and printed a few sheets of them. i used my paper cutter to make them the right postcard size and then simply put a red heart sticker on the front...that´s all!

yup, i told you super simple. but i think super cute :)

5. and see what great links there are in the comments section of the pre-valentine post #1.

oh, and i have to share a proudy moment for me :)

i was picked to be on the front page of 2 peas! how cool is that! :)


Jodi said...

Yay, thank you!! And congrats on the 2peas page - I was admiring that layout of yours and thinking I needed to scraplift it some day. :)

Mel said...

well done on the 2p's board :)

love the postcard download.

Rachel said...

I had been eyeballing that LO on the Top 10 list... CONGRATS! It is pretty dang awesome!