Monday, January 05, 2009

polaroid & giveaway

holy smokes! have you seen this faboulus tool you can download from! it is a very very easy tool (drag and drop really!) that makes your photos into polaroids in seconds! it is so cool! so i played a bit :)

:) makes me smile!

i have 2 layouts to share!
this first one uses a photo that i took during a long winterwalk with the dogs and my daughter. it was a lovely cold and crisp sunny winterday and it was so nice to just sit and rest by the water.

i saw a great layout, but for the love of god i can´t remember where. anyway the title was "do you know how proud i am of you.." or something like that. i used one of the most recent photos of my daughter. i am thinking of making one like this but with my husband!

and i am so proud of our new couch :) i love it i love it i love it :)

and, so i move on to the little giveaway of todays post! as you know i have been doing small things for our enviroment for a while now. i am a firm believer of doing small things since you really can´t do everything. my latest project was to use my scrap cotton yarn to crochet dishcloths. it is such an easy task. all you need to know is to make regular crochet! i use them in the bathroom, in the kitchen and as to wipe other things around the house. the one in the kitchen i throw in the washing machine everyother day or so to get rid of any germs.

as i said, they are very easy to do, but i am still going to give away three to one of you! just because i really do love giveaways :)
so, leave a message telling me what small things you are doing to help save our planet and i will draw a winner by wednsday!



mel said...

oooh I love the polaroid shots, you have such pretty feet

I am turning off my TV whenever I walk past it, trying to cut down our electricity bill :)

are you doing a 365 challenge?

Jodi said...

I try to turn off lights whenever I'm out of a room, and recycle bottles and cans.

Love those polaroid shots!

micaela6955 said...

great couch, and your layouts are nice-Polaroids, I sure miss my instant camera... :( In Maine, we recycle bottles/cans for bottle deposit, I am also learning how to compost garbage scraps & yard waste and since I work in Energy Services am learning new ways to conserve energy and keep the heat in my home by making it more energy efficient.

Kicki said...

Tack för den braiga länken! Nu har jag laddat ner programmet till min dator. :)
Jättesnygga layouter du har gjort!
Tänkte bara säga att jag faktiskt sydde en vetekudde tillslut, men jag glömde såklart att fota den innan jag gav bort den... men jag har planer på att sy en lite mindre än den jag har själv för att kunna stoppa i frysen när jag har migrän, har upptäckt att det funkar jättebra! :)
Är jättegärna med på din utlottning!
Kram Kicki

Gina said...

Love that polaroid effect! We don't use plastic bags whenever possible, hang the laundry out during the summer and buy as much organic as possible.

Also thought you might like to know I added your give-away to my round-up blog ([url=]Scrapping for Less[/url]K)

Kristin said...

The big "going green" effort at our house is to buy products with LESS packaging and to call the other companies to tell them that we didn't buy their product because they use TOO MUCH packaging!
We are huge recyclers, and big on energy-efficient bulbs and such, but the focus in on "reduce" at our house.

LOVE those cotton dishrags, thanks for the chance to win!

alittlebitofscrap said...

The polaroid pictures are fab. Thanks for the link. I knit wash clothes. Everyone loves them and they are easy to do. I also have knitted/felted a market bag and started a recycle program here at work.

Your layouts look great :)

The Garage Sale Diva said...

I do all of the laundry with cold water, we turned down the thermostat on the water heater, keep the regular thermostat on 65, and I do NOT buy bottled water.

Anonymous said...

i'm very into being 'green' so our house is awash with little saving the planet type things! we use the carrier bags from the supermarket as bin liners, turn the tap off when we brush our teeth, walk to school instead of drive, compost whatever we can - the list goes on! i also recycle things in my crafting such as aking new bags out of old jeans or making mini books out of toilet rolls!