Saturday, January 10, 2009

lists, lists & lists

well, i sure do hope that you like lists as much as me, because this will be a
list-ty kind of post!

30 things i want to remember right now:

1. how unbelievebly nice it is to sleep in
2. that it is really hard to care for a sick cat
3. that i need to listen to more music
4. the news are full with war & death
5. that my camera makes me happy
6. that sadie is to cute
7. that i say "give me strength with all these animals!" very often
8. that fresh, cold january air feels nice
9. dusting and cleaning makes me calm
10. it is nice to make other people happy
11. that it is nice to let loose
12. i long for warm spring sun
13. i want to re-paint
14. my cats "mjau" is really loud
15. i miss my daughter
16. 48 dollars is the oil price
17. they are still making war on to many places around the world
18. it is quiet on the island
19. poldadroid is fun
20. next week is my neices first birthday
21. i still enjoy listening to P1 (swedish news radio channel)
22. it gets dark at 4 pm
23. i need to get back into my morning routine after a long leave from work
24. that walks are so lovely once you acctually get out
25. life is more fun with my daughter in the house
26. cat´s purring is calming
27. my job is so much fun
28. it is really windy today
29. i like my dad
30. i make yummy lasanga

if you know me you also know that this list most likely will be on a scrapbook layout in the near future. i am known to have done it before...

i ♥ lists :)

inspiring me this week:

new beginnings
- i guess it is the new year, but i have been thinking alot on new projects and what i will do this year in the crafting area. it feels like a clean plate a tabula rasa.

KOTM-project 365

- this seems to be such a neat kit. i didn´t make an eddort to get one, but i am surely inspired by it and it will be a thrill to see what other people make with it!

- i love planners and calendars and are always on the look out for the most perfect one!
- i have seen a few projects using planners or calendars. for example i stumbled over danelle johnsons project!

the color blue
- it was my favorite color for a very long time, but as i don´t look good in blue i rarely bought anything blue for wearables or to my home.
- but these photos makes me so very happy inside.

1. Farmer's Market in the Kitchen, 2. Keep Left =), 3. a room for laundry and such, 4. Feeling Blue?, 5. Old Aqua Wheelbarrow, 6. Aqua Sidewalk Heart, 7. Aqua&Brick, 8. Birthday Weekend Gataway - Fall, 9. basement piano, 10. aqua fence, 11. A dresser built by my hubby's great-grandfather that I painted my new fave color--delightful aqua!, 12. 1957 Chevy Bel Air, 13. Aqua Skies , 14. Untitled, 15. Happy, 16. all the goods

digital scrapbooking
- i do love paper and glue and would never make the switch over to digital but i have been looking at layouts in the digi gallery and i am really drawn to the lay-outs of some of the layouts :)
they are often really graphic and clean.

- well, you know that already :)
- there are lovely polaroids out there.

hm...i guess that is it really!


luv2scrapmilestones said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhh i love all of the GOOOD really POSITIVE energy you are sending out ---- Thanks for sharing your happiness!!!!

Mel said...

be thankful you didn't make the effort to get a kit, it was a nightmare :)

I love lists and I am so into that colour blue at the moment, very pretty :)

Rachel said...

I love the robin's egg blue too and that collage is spectacular! Funny, I just bought a Polaroid at the thrift store yesterday and may snap a few shots with it!!!!