Monday, February 15, 2010

monday and a plead for some advise.

well, how did that happen? monday again already? but this time it seems like i haven´t been to work for ages, since i was home sick last week. my husband says that i am always sick, and when i think about it i do get sick days alot...right before christmas i had a head cold and not to mention the big kidney infection! i really need to build up my resistance. but i guess that working with 1-3 year olds don´t help...
i am doing a bit better though and i was able to go in to work today.

my daughter is having the whole week of school this week and while browsing a newspaper a few weeks back i stumbled over an add for circus school this week! yay! i talk to her and she said she wanted to go and i signed her up. her first day was today and tomorrow i am able to take her so, watch out for a circus photo update :)

on valentines day a year ago a friend of mine had her second round of twin boys and i had the pleasure to be the photographer at their first birthday party yesterday. i loved it and i am thinking really hard on doing this on a more regular basis...this is my second photoshoot in other peoples homes and it has worked out really good both times...but i am so clueless on what to charge you have any advise? ofcourse it would be a dream to be able to get paid to do something that i love and comes easy for me. hm...

speaking of valentines day, last year me and my husband had a real love day doing fun stuff just the 2 of us. this year we had a lovely day at home, laying around watching the olympics and we are still very much in love :)

and a little mini photoshoot with the camera :)

with that i am off to see some olympic skiing.

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