Sunday, February 21, 2010

the weekend in photos

during the ferry ride to the mainland on saturday, my daughter and i had some fun with the camera. she is such a model ;)

we have got sooo much snow now and it is still snowing. i measured it to about 50 centimeters or more!

and a little late night photographs. i was up watching a movie until midnight and picked up the camera to have some playtime before bed.

when i turned around...

today i am preparing for my birthday tomorrow! yay!


em said...

Love the orange hat!
Happy Birthday tomorrow!! :)

Jane said...

Such beautiful pictures! Your cat looks just like my cat Grayson....I love the house lantern in the picture!

mel said...

I cannot even imagine opening a door of my home and pushing snow out of the way, I love that photo and your daughter is simply adorable.

Hope you have a wonderful birthday :)