Thursday, February 18, 2010

10 on thursday ~ note to self edition

(image found through creative commons)

note to self:

1. chocolate is not dinner.
2. the world will not collapse if the house is messy.
3. allow yourself to play.
4. spend more time without tv.
5. list creative thoughts, otherwise they´ll be forgotten.
6. stop spending money.
7. not many things get done while couchsitting.
8. have more patience with dixon.
9. care less about what people think of you.
10. laugh and be grateful that there is a house to be messy in, with a tv, that we do have food other than chocolate, money to spend, time for creativity and couchsitting, for dixon who is love itself.

1 comment:

Myamia said...

underbara tankar. listan skulle ju kunna vara min faktiskt. hoppas att ni får en härlig helg :)