Wednesday, February 24, 2010

finally some scrapbooking!

After weeks of no scrapbooking i have finally made some progress! Acctually i made these this past weekend but haven´t had the time to either photograph them or blog them!

Last thursday i made a 10 on thursday list with notes to self. i used that list on this layout which is 6*12" and i have almost forgotten about how fun that size is!

I also tried some hand stitching on this one. it was both easy and fun! so both me and you have to try it again!

Dixon is such a cute and lovable dog, but he is so bad! i throw fits over his behavior daily! (i cannot seem to upload this layout right!gahh!)

A layout about the crazy amount of snow we have had this winter. it is truly an adventure!

Oh, my this one is a crazy one! my daughter has the best time infront of the camera. i just wanted to include these funny frames :)

i am in love with this one :) both the boy and the layout! we put the camera on a tripod and had a timer on valentines day and i am so happy about having the pictures now! and i love the white space on the layout! you can count on seeing more photos from this "session" on future layouts :)

hows that for an update?!

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