Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a little randomness

during some internet surfing i stumbled over this photobooth site and since i don´t have photobooth in my computer i am certain that i will visit this place a few more times :)

i have been home sick the entire week and i was laying in bed flipping through magazines...these are 2 of the pages i loved...

we have almost nothing in pink in our home, but i do love these items.

and a cabinet like this would be filled immediatly here :)

during this past weekend i spend some time with my nieces and newphew...♥

they are so beautiful!

i have been in bed most the whole day today and when my daughter came home from school, we did her homework and then had some popcorn and crafted a bit. which always makes me very happy. my daughter wrote a valentine for a boy she likes ;)

i made a banner for my craft room.

and for valentines day i made a simple lovebomb kit :)

simply punched paper hearts and 3d dots on the back.

ok, my daughter is bugging me for the computer so i will have to go!

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