Tuesday, February 09, 2010

happiness in a jar

my husbands 35th birthday was this past weekend. we celebrated with a family/friends dinner and just had a good time, nothing fancy. i bought him fresh flowers for the day and i realized that buying him flowers is almost as good as getting flowers myself :) you know, i bought the flowers that i did want to have in the home :)
at first i just quickly put them in a tall vase to get them in water. but then yesterday i decided i wanted to get more out of one bouquet of flowers = devide them into several small containers! and there is how i got this happiness in a jar :)

it makes me crazy happy to see this on my dining room table! during summer i always have flowers in from my garden, but since we have had snow since before christmas, i am guessing the garden flowers will take their time this year :) to have fresh flowers inside this february house is just pure joy right now!


someone wanted me to post a ling to my birthday wishlist again!

1 comment:

Myamia said...

fotot är helt ljuvligt!!! jag älskar blommorna och dess vas. Superromantiskt. kram mya