Monday, February 01, 2010

february projects ~ and a giveaway!

happy february friends! i love february, can it be beacause it is my birthday month?! maybe :) to celebrate that this lovely month has just begun i´d like to share a little project with you.

have you ever tried some needle felting before? it is so much fun and a fast project. you´ll need some needle felting foam, but i used regular foam as in matrass foam. and you´ll need a felting needle. the needle is kinda long with a wooden handle and the actual needle has small torns on it and when you stick it down through the wool it takes it (the wool) with it down in the foam. i hope that makes any sense!

you can make any shape ofcourse, but for this project i used a heart shaped cookie cutter to help me form my felt heart.

i have learned that if you add a little piece of wool as you go it makes the best felting. i also keep sticking down the needle for quite some time, so that the shape gets firm.

voila! i put a pin on the back and will use it as a pin on my jacket!

oh, 1,2,3,4 hearts that means i do have some to spare! and that would mean a little heart giveaway! lucky you! if you´d like to have a chance to get a felted heart, leave a comment on this post and i will draw 2 winners by wednesday! hipp hipp hooray!


Nanna said...

Oh, my...I would LOVE to be chosen to win this pin! I love needle felting and have not ever tried it...but I want to!

Kirsten W. said...

Oh I LOVE these! I've only tried felting a little bit, but I didn't know you could use a cookie cutter to give it shape. Neat idea!

Tracy said...

I have never tried needle felting. looks like it could be fun. Oh, oh like I need another craft to do.

Rach H said...

I've never attempted felting, but I LOVE those hearts! Great work!