Saturday, February 14, 2009

a lovely day

i hope that you had a equally lovely day that we had today! the weather was perfect winter weather; snow but dry on the highway, cold but lovely sunshine! we woke up early to take the ferry to go to a nearby city. there we did some bubblebathing and sitting around in the steam sauna for a cuple of lovely warm hours. my husband didn´t know what to do with himself when i kept giving him small love notes with things that i love that he does for example take the dogs out at night when i just want to go to bed, he always carries my heavy bags etc. it made him blush :)

i also gave him the loveletter i wrote a few weeks ago and even though he looks quite angry (!) in the photo he was all smiles :)

we had then had a wonderful meal for lunch and it was awesome to just have as much time as we wanted to eat and talk and laugh.

and then while driving home nature made it all more beautiful...

now i am off to do some scrapbooking ♥

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