Saturday, December 06, 2008

yes, i did have a lovely creative day today. i got so much done!

the other day i journaled what i did at work...the list could be longer! as a kindergarden teacher you are really a multi-tasker!!!
the layout is very much a hybrid project. i did all the journaling in WORD and printed that and the photos seperate. but before i printed the journaling i inserted the photos in that document so i could see how everything would fit together. i would have printed it all together, if i hadn´t chosen a kraft paper as backgound paper.

my sister wanted a whole day shopping spree without kids, husband and cell-phone. so i made this gc for her! i included company, lunch, coffee and laughter or a baby/husband/cellphone sitter...i am hoping for the first alternative :)

it is a hybrid project where the computer work was made in Photoshop and printed in WORD and the handmade touch is the bling bling :)

i also made an evelope-package to put the gc in :) lovely wrapping paper, eh?! i love the colors!

voila! my super duper simple version of the winter wonderland in a jar project! all i had that would resemble snow was this lovely white yarn. so i used the cut-of scraps yarn after i made some pom-poms.

i decided to jump on the december daily thing...but with a twist :) i am not going to fool myself in thinking that i will journal e.v.e.r.y. day! so i am adding journaling about such as favorite holiday music and other faves about the season.

i cut a few buisness card holders so that each day will have it´s own pocket but the journaling and photos are just thrown in...

and i acctually made a paper wreath too!

that line is not entirely finished! there will be more little stuff there.

oh, and i made the headboard all christmassy :)

ok, i have to go ready for a lucia party :)

ps.this doggie post is to die for! the cutie remind me of my sadie so much!


Cricket said...

love the idea you are doing for your December Daily! The gift certificate rocks..hope she picks you to join her!!!


mel said...

what a great post for Xmas, very creative :)

Great idea for the baby sitting, maybe I should ask for that for Xmas :)