Sunday, December 14, 2008

ok, new week come on! i can´t believe that it is a new week yet again...i need a vacation!

I have some things to share today. First, i have loved to play in my random december journal. so, much that i have almost finsihed it :)

i have some journaling to do still and i will add a few photos of our tree too. it has been fun and that size is something i will work in again.

this weekend i started my holiday candy baking. i love that! my husband does too :) i just made a small batch now and will make another 2 this week. i am thinking yum! nothing like any of these but anyway...

these bags will be for friends around the neighbourhood instead of holiday cards.

and i also started a small project for my daughter who has entered the "wonderful" age of "nobody loves me!" so, to show her that we do love her i made a minibook with photos of all of us together and me and my husband are both adding love letter for her.

i hope she will like it!


karine said...

Hi Lisa
Humm! your candy bags seem yummy! But they are not a good idea for me : i have almost 4 kg to loose before Christmas ;)))
I'm sure your daughter will appreciate the cool minibook which will remains her your true love for her!

Karoline Sigoldson said...

Vilken underbar present, miniboken.
Jag undrar över din december journal, som är jättefin. Plastfickorna, vart har du köpt dem?
ha det bra!