Thursday, December 25, 2008

...and now comes the quite...

i love the time after christmas. it is a few days of calm, peace, togetherness and naps. everything has calmed down everywhere and people tend to just relax and enjoy themselves.
we had a wonderful christmas with way to many gifts (as usual) and laughs, hugs and laughs. laughs especially during our guitar hera sessions :) J got us a guitar hero (the rock band version) and we can jam all night! my daughter was extactic to also recieve the singstar! tomorrow we are getting her one more cd.
i was sitting there when all the present were being opened and thought hm...i really do love to just watch people get excited over gifts, much more than when i open my gifts although i got a few really nice ones this year :) last year my mother-in-law gave me the angel of autumn

this year i opened my gift and found the angle of learning!

it is beautiful!
now i need a good place for them!

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