Monday, December 08, 2008

i have been enjoying to make stuff in my december journal! it is fun to just add stuff here and there whenever i feel like it. yesterday i made an entry about making christmas candy (yum!) and i thought i´d share a quick how-to for you all:

1 dl cream
1 dl baking syrup
1 dl sugar
0,5 dl almonds
butter or margarine
tiny paper baking tins

put out your tiny paper baking tins on a tray (about 30-40 of them). Mix the cream, baking syrup and suger in a container that you can later heat up in the microwave. Run the micro for 5 minutes on full effect. Chop the almonds in the meantime. Take the container out of the mirco and stir. Then run the microwave for 4 more minutes. Mix in the almonds and then quickly pour the mixture into the baking tins.
I use to put the tray in the fridge for a while so that the candies get hard.

oh, and i am sorry mindi, this is nothing for you right now ;)

Ps. i am very very sorry about the crappy photos!


karine said...

Hi Lisa
As usual, I find your layouts very beautiful. I also like the paper wreath too and it gives me some ideas to decorate my home for xmas.
I finally found some time to begin holiday craft... i put a photo on my blog and i hope you will find it cool : it's a musical scrap box ! Have some good time, Karine

*mindi* said...

every recipe i've looked at this week requires use of a microwave! :D