Saturday, December 13, 2008

happy snowy saturday

we have had snow now the whole week and i am loving all of it! well, ok the fact that my husband had to work due to the snow and didn´t come home for 2 straight days wasn´t that fun, but everything else is cool. i was thinking about how much the weather has changed since i was a kid. it seemed to always be snow in the winter then. now we are lucky to have snowdays for a month or even weeks every winter!

sadie loves the snow too! she always has snow on her nose when she´s out :)

we are having a nice day at home today, just laying around the bunch of us. it is such a nice feeling to have no plans! just a few minutes ago...

sally and sadie loves slow days...dixon on the other hand...has a to-do list :)

(wake up, stand by daddys bed and bang tail against the wall, follow daddy around the house, stand suprised by the door when daddy leaves for work, jump up in daddys bed, become extatic when mommy rises, squeel after the kitten, lay on the couch with mini-mummy, watch tv, check the kitten, carry stuff around, eat & wag tail, pick up the food bowl, jump up and down, run out, bite something, play with the cats, "make" a bed or two, lovingly bite the kitten, sit in lap and lick someones ear...and just be wonderful!)

last night i put "mama mia" on the dvd and scrapped a few things in the meanwhile :)

like this one about my 2. my world. my little family :)

i will be back later with a winner of the TOSGA!


*mindi* said...

that little Sadie may be the cutest dog ever. :) she looks SO soft.

karine said...

I just discovered your christmas playlist this afternoon and it was perfect for decorating the xmas tree with my children! thanks a lot :) !!!