Thursday, December 18, 2008

ok here is the friday random list

♥ we are home from a lovely very quick trip to Gothenburg and a big christmas party. my favorite from the party? well, let´s just say it was sweet...

♥ when we woke up today, my daughter had a high fever, so she is home in her pyjamas today making blanket huts and playing board games with her mum and making gingerbread cookies too...

♥ i just have to share this youtube clip of our ferry during a "windy" day this fall, it doesn´t look that much in the first minute but of my G from 57 seconds and beyond :) i do love to live on an island in the windertime :)

♥ i stumbled over this link today and new that i had to do a snowstorm for myself!
it was sooo easy and i had been wondering about what to do with all those white dots :)

i will try to take a photo tonight of the finished thing haning in the window.

edited: voila!

♥ i thought that she was so cute making cookies in a green dress and her christmas socks :)

♥ my sweet friends are taking into their own hands (paws) to make me cuddle with them instead of pondering over what to make with this fabric.

♥ i had to take some nose photos of my sweet dear dixon...he is so kissable!

ok, have a wonderful friday!


*mindi* said...

love the Christmas socks :)
your tree is beautiful!

mel said...

oh my gosh do you actually ride on the ferry when it is that rough? I was getting seasick just watching it :)