Wednesday, October 28, 2009

wisdom from the hospital bed...

* ice cubes can be an almost 5 star kind of food when you have very high fever and you aren´t allowed to drink.

* a room with a view is to be prefered :)

* hospital breakfast is almost like a hotel buffé...almost.

* time being sick and laying around a long time can be used for several things; holiday planning, coming up with new crafts, ponder on lifes little things and ehm..sleep :)

* i have alot of people that care about me :)

* when in need for a little flair while in hospital make sure to have your scrap yarn and crochet needle with you, make a headband :)

* being poked with needles are really and truely not very fun at all.

* having over 40 degrees fever is kind of scary.

* the sweating after said fever is almost more scary .

* i am starting to miss my own bed and pillow like real bad by now.

* for some reason i am not at all hungry...that is strange i am always hungry.


Marie said...

so glad you are starting to feel better!!! fevers are the big thing around here too although it is all the piggy flu. blech.

Katy said...

I hope you are all better and home soon!

Mel said...

hope things get better and you head home soon, thinking of you :)