Wednesday, October 14, 2009


this is what happens when i get my hands on some goodie fabric scraps! apparently i make quilts :) i did not know i could before! but as an amateur sewer, i addapted the non strategy, as in a non-planning, non-sketching, non-matching and hardly any mesuring strategy. this is how i usually do my sewing acctually.

i know that i really can´t sew that good, i have little to no patience and i hate to have to do stuff over again. but as i do like to sew i have had to accept that my finished stuff will not ever be perfect or even straight ;) in that state of mind sewing is kinda fun!

the summer before last i kinda made a quilt, remember? i have to admit that i haven´t done that much yoga hehe...but i still liked the project!

when i did these quilts they were both finished in a weekend. i like it that way, fast and simple!

and i don´t care much about that it is not perfect, my family still loves it and uses it daily and that i do care about!

this next one is a little bit bigger and is used equally often as the berfore mentioned.

and i can already say that there will be more quilt making in the future!

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Danielle said...

I think you did a great job. I like both quilts and what a wonderful gift you have created for your family.