Thursday, October 15, 2009


the story: it is almost nagging by now, but i do love fall so much. and this day was just a perfect fall day! as you will see later in this post, clustering things is apperently my new thisng ;)

the story: my husband and i are so in a lovey dovey period right now and we both treasure that so much. this photo was taken on a lovely afternoon at the beach during a picknick. i tried my hands on a little paper quilting on this layout. but the borders were bugging me so i used some tape on them.

the story: as many of you know we live on a small island. what you might not know is that the lake surrounding the island is the deepest in Sweden, which also means it is the coldest ;) but my daughter loves going for a swim anyway! it was fun to use a few brads on this :)

the story: our younger cat sally is really not a very cuddely cat, so when ever she does want to lay still in someones lap it is a kodak-moment :) i am loving the circle cluster on this layout!

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