Friday, October 30, 2009

from the archive october 2008

i am posting an older post from last year just so there is something new going on here while i am resting from the hospital stay. there will be new stuff very soon!

"I guess everyone has something on their body that they are unhappy with. Maybe it is the haircolor, eyes or ears. For me it would possibly be the ears, which if I am frank do stand out a bit. But that has never been an issue for me. For me it is definitely my stomach. I easily gain weight right around my stomach and it almost looks like i am pregnant. I wish! But a lot is about my scar after my c-section. The scar and the stretchmarks after my pregnancy have made my stomach look doughy and unfit. Even when I was very fit, it looked like that. The scar, which is a bikini one, makes the skin fold over it. The stretchmarks become white/pink when I get tanned and my daughter says I have fire on my belly! I have tried to like all this, but it is hard. Maybe it has something to do with the delivery? But, then I have short moments when I am so unbelivebly proud of that stomach, that body that has carried a child. Given life. My husband says that the strechmarks are “lifemarks” and it is true, isn´t it! They are marks a proof that I have given life. And the scar is is something I am so thankful of. Without it my daughter might not have been here today… Those moments, when I think like that, it really doesn´t matter that the stomach looks like that. It is such a non-thing!"

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Karen said...

Hope you are feeling much better soon x