Sunday, October 04, 2009

updates :)

do you remember my list of projects that i posted a few days ago? well, here it is with a few updates:

want to do:

* a huge photo mosaic

* a photoproject using morning and night shots

* a yarn bowl (check)

* make another quilt

* learn how to make art canvases (kind of check)

will do:

* red berry garland (check)

* mini-mini pumpkins

* fall decorate (check)

* a fall inspired photowalk (check)

* a chalkboard project

must do:

* paint our windows

* catch up on my memorykeeping

* a birthday suprise for my sister

and then here are some new scrapbook layouts!

the story: i wanted to preserve my daughters own handwriting on this brithday wishlist.

the story: our passion for soccer games :)

the story: and this is about my daughters passion: horses...or should that be obsession ;)

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