Thursday, July 02, 2009

re post with story/goods

the story: my daughter sang a solo at her end of the school year ceremony and i had to record it offcourse :)

the goods: i used my vintage musicpaper as a background. the scalloped patterned paper is from a minialbum kit from panduro hobby. i used some photo corners to attach the photo and wrote my journaling on my typewriter. i also used my round stamp from 7gypsis.

the story: i started making a few "30 lists" again this past week. here are my 30 things i love about summer...
♥ sunshine
♥ free days
♥ english murders
♥ end of school ceremonies
♥ greenery
♥ short trips
♥ sunsets
♥ to eat in the garden
♥ strawberries
♥ watermelon
♥ icecream in the harbour
♥ sleeping in
♥ sitting outside a resturant
♥ to fall asleep in the shadow
♥ the trampoline
♥ freshly cut grass
♥ summer shows on radio
♥ to pick homegrown sallad
♥ to sleep with an open window
♥ long days
♥ to be lazy
♥ late nights
♥ to sit in the sun
♥ the warmth
♥ to hang the freshly washed laundry outside
♥ to tidy up the garden
♥ happy moods
♥ the sounds from the horses
♥ summer yardsales
♥ good music

the goods: twopager with regular squared notepaper as backgrounds. i used some plastic ribbon as maskingtape to attach the photos. the small round embellishments and the scalloped paper is from previously mentioned mini album kit. the bird is from american crafts. and my handwriting.


mel said...

I love your new side photos. Ah summer I miss it, all we have at the moment is wind, wind, wind :)

Susie said...

I think I found a post I'm going to have to lift :) I love summertime, too. So many good reasons listed here that make me smile!