Monday, July 20, 2009

why do we have post titles anyway?

tada! i am out of under the rock i might have been living under the last cuple of husband came up to me yesterday and said; hey, honey why don´t we go into town today and buy you a laptop?! :) i was like jumping up and down! so, as of last night i have a laptop and am exploring it as we "speak" :) it´s funny, i told my husband that now i can watch my reality shows AND blog at the very same time! he threatened to give the computer back so i said i was kiddig (but you know i wasn´t!)

As i was browsing my bloglines the other day, i came upon Audrey Neals blog and she was talking about how she was inspired by blogs like habit that are all about photos and just a few words. I joined the 3:11 project on flickr and just uploaded the first photo. a fun project :)

be back soon!


inge said...

I got the exact same laptop!
We can start a laptop-club ;)


debbie said...

Enjoy your laptop. I would love for my husband to say the same words to me!