Thursday, July 09, 2009

blog hopping

this is just perfect :) don´t you think? it trigged me to do some serious blog hopping today and here are some of the amazing things i found:

shirt to dress refashion

tasty posies

make a hanging book display and oh my gosh i just was caught at this blog for like an hour!

a yummy life, what a wonderful name for a photography buisness!

speaking of yummy these looks very yummy!

cute and clever cards.

when i saw emilys post about collages i really wanted to make my true to my faith that google has all the answers (!) i searched to get some beguinners tips...the result? well there were 39 000 000 results :) so i had to narrow my search a bit. i found dina wakelys blog and she makes lovely, lovely art pieces...

i love the layered look and i am dying to try this out...

the happy jansens have done it again! just look at this new project they have taken up! i know i loved to see their progress on the last mobile project, and i am keen to see how it all turns out! oh, this reminds me of a image i saw in an old issue of Family Living magazine...

i love this, don´t you? it is the interior of a circus vagon :)

and i know that i have shared this link before but i keep going back for more...:)

ok, i think i might have to jump start my day now :)


BonnieRose said...

love the first framed print.. perfect.. i need this!

Jodi Palmer said...

Hi. I'm Jodi of A Yummy Life. Just wanted to say thanks for finding me and I adore your blog as well!