Sunday, July 05, 2009

moments to capture

we had a wonderful day at the zoo on thursday. hot as ....! but lovely anyway :) the funny thing was that all the animals were out to be seen although it was so very hot. i know they are from africa and other very hot places but even the wolves were out! we started by seeing the penguins being fed and they are one of my favorites. they are so cool :)

otherwise the monkeys are always a blast!

"just give me the damn food!"

"talk to the hand!"

this youngster probably was the cutest thing ever!

they had a baby elephant that was a mischief and a baby giraff :)

i was thinking maybe a minialbum was in place, but then i love all my photos of the animals so i just might make full size layouts afterall...

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mel said...

gorgeous photos, I feel a trip to Sydney zoo coming up while the boys are on holidays at the end of next week. you have inspired me :)