Tuesday, November 04, 2008

you have written history!

Oh my gosh, you guys! what a wonderful job you all did voting! i haven´t wanted to make my blog political at all, but i have rooting for Obama all the way! Swedish media has been reporting from the process for a long time now and a few swedes think that it has been too much. but, this is a huge deal for us too! usa is a very big country and it´s decisions have a huge impact on every corner of the world.
i am so very very happy to be alive in this time, to be part of history in the making. Yesterday we had cnn on all night and we talked to our daughter about african-american history and this morning she asked when she woke up: did the good guy win? :)
while watching the voting i made a layout about this. i have some newspaper clippings that will go into the same page protector in the album.


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karine said...

In France we are very happy too ;)

Can you explain to me your holiday week-end project : I'd like to sign up for the newletters but i didn't understand how? thanks, Karine