Saturday, November 08, 2008

general update

ah, sunday already...i feel like this is a good day for a week recap and some general updates.

life doing good. i have been feeling low for about 3 weeks now, but am feeling a change. that is good. we are keeping busy here at home. we had a friend over who helped us remodel the laundry room, it is not finished, but we are on our way.
my daughter wasn´t home one night this week, don´t get me wrong i love that she has friends, but i miss her sometimes...and my husband worked late 3 nights + saturday so i guess i missed him too.


all is well with the zoo here :) sally is acting like she owned the house and the older cat is teaching her to fight. dixon is running around squeeking to get toplay with the cats (he thinks that he can teach sally to fight too!!!) and sadie is hungry...= everything is normal :)


my craft room is such a mess right now. i certainly have too many project going at the same time right now. i am working on the last weekend project newsletter and i have been setting up all kinds of things to photograph for that. and i acctually scrapbooked! i have a flow last night so i just went with it!

i haven´t used buttons on a layout in ages! so for this i busted out my farely large stash for this.

just a simple one journaling about how hard it is to be a mama sometimes...

a cousin photo gone bad :)

i am thinking out a bunch of crafts for christmas and am working on a crochet project that i can share soon.

and i worked on a photoshop project almost all day yesterday, i finished it! now i just have to think things through a bit, before i can share that too :)


i still love to work with the coolest minds on the earth! we are making some changes for the better and it means even more responsibility on will all work out and i am so happy that i am able to take some much inspiration from the creative family and i love dirt .

a photo a day in november

i am happy to report that i am keeping up with that!

so, i guess there you have it.
now on to some other things i have stumbled over on this wonderful thing called internet.

I visited Jessicas "how about orange" and she posted about multicolr this is a very cool site where you can search flickr photos by color. i have yet to learn if you can save a mosaic, so here is a link-based example.

This is when i added just green to the palett.

green + blue

green + blue + red

cool, eh?! this is a great way to see which color can be used together etc. thank you, jessica!

i was lost on this site for a good while a few days ago. it is strange how home decorating can be so fun!

little birdie secrets is a very cute place all things handmade!

have you seen the mama to mama site? such a good thing!

ok, got to go! blog you soon!

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Sasha said...

Awesome post and love that layout with the buttons, how creative is that .. love it..have a great rest of your weekend