Sunday, November 23, 2008


happy sunday ya´ll!

can you believe that another week has gone by? that means that Christmas is another step closer! the third newsletter ala weekend project holiday style has gone out and here are a few ofthe projects:

♥ fabric hoops
♥ lp-art
♥ rise-heaters
♥ candy toppers

are you curious? well, leave a comment and you will to get the newsletter via email!

yesterday i did do alittle scrapbooking. and as promised here is the share:
dixon is such a funny dog. we had to record one of his quirks! when he gets a treat such as a cracker or something, he goes into the livingroom and makes a little happy dance for it! and when he has rolled around and jumped on it a few times it is ready to be eaten! :) i still love the 6x12 format.

my daughter suprised me on my nameday on the 19th with a lovely tray of goodies. i love her ♥

i changed up the curtains in our bedroom and put up our lightball and the window always let´s in such a lovely light. it is my way to sneak in a little holiday lights before advent :)

we finished the stable to our nativity scene.

we all love it :) and it was a funproject to do together!

how is your sunday?


Karen said...

you have been on busy crafter!!!

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Great post Lisa! I love that happy dance layout! So so cute! Your holiday projects look fabulous - I would love to receive the newsletter!

mindi said...

what is your "name day"? I've never heard of that