Tuesday, November 18, 2008

what´s in your purse?

(this is my work bag/tote. it is the one i carry around most days when i am here working, but if i go to the mainland i change them up a bit)

a post very much inspired by the cutest mindi!

1. new scrap magazines :) unread!

2. a new thing, i haven´t even tried it yet. light brunett conditioner. i have no idea, i got it for free at work?! i´ll let you know how it works out :)

3. my planner. right now full of parent/teacher talk papers.

4. my sticky notes that suzanne bought for me *love*

5. uhm...well a silver ball...uhm...i was going to leave it at work to use as a magic silvery ball about 4 weeks ago...maybe i´ll leave it tomorrow!

6. a michael connelly book i am reading right now. i always have to have something to read in my bag!

7. make-up bag. also used when i travel. now it is not full at all!

8. my journal. everything goes in here; thoughts, ideas, jotter...

9. lip balm. which i really don´t like because it tastes really bad...maybe i´d buy a new one, eh?!

10. a bag of nuts and dried fruit. my atempt to quit chocolate ;)


Me and my daughter started a new craft project together yesterday. we had bought some wooden bodies and we are making our own nativity scene!

she painted the bodies of jesus, joseph, mary and the three wise men. we are also making an angel.

baby jesus :)

we are making the acctual stable also, but that is another project that we are planning for the weekend!


*mindi* said...

i love your journal!
baby Jesus is pretty cute in his little scarf :)

SmootherPrince said...

great blog....for a girl. Opened it up and went to feed the cat...next moment there was this funky music coming from nowhere. Is everyone hooked on the scrapbooking flu?

Kristen said...

Love your blog and the nativity is super cute.

I am tagging you to reveal 7 things about yourself on your blog...details here http://stuff4sprouts.blogspot.com/2008/11/tagged.html