Wednesday, November 26, 2008

right now

bags and bags and boxes ready to be sent to goodwill. my daughter and me had a big talk about unjustice in the world and having way to many yesterday she was a really good girl and left alot of things in the "goodwill" pile!

the computer is on and i should really get off it to go do other stuff, like scrap, do the dishes, make the beds...

i am sneaking in some christmas decoration already. but when i think of it advent is starting this sunday so it is not so early after all...

monopoly is being played by the beloved family, who was home earlier that me today.

sally is such a curious little cat. she really loves our daughter and is always following her around. right now these beads are very interesting :)

some yummy garlic is going into our dinner tonight...well, garlic is in almost all our food around here :) it is a great spice!

these paper bags with wrapped and ready christmas gifts makes me so content :)

this is going on in my end of the world, and in yours?

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