Sunday, July 08, 2007


Some lazy Sunday blogging over here. How was your day yesterday? 070707 and all.

I played with some aquarelle pencils yesterday. I took Emilys advise and just use my saliva to smudged out the paint. I know it sounds really yucky but please, it is just saliva :) I just played and this is the result, just experimenting. I am going to take my pencils and my new Moleskine aquarelle book on our little roadtrip we are taking from next Friday. If there are some results worth showing I will when I return.
Talking about the roadtrip you can see where we are going here and here. My MIL and FIL always go up to the mountains to hike each summer and this year we are going with them. Yay! They have rented cottages for us and we are all so excited to go. Sweden is such a beautiful country and it is really fun to explore your own country instead of going abroad. I am sure there will be lot´s of photos taken during this trip. And for a change I will let someone else hold the camera too, so that I actually will be in one or two myself.

I went over checking the usual blogs yesterday and found this one going from this one. Anyway, the first one had a really interesting link to the bloggers son that have been on a trip to learn more about the things he is an activist for. The link is to his flickr album where he posted some really nice pictures from his trip. If you have a few minutes over, take a look.

I took this photo of “my world” yesterday. I like it. But you should see the 10 I took before haha. To take a photo of 2 goofballs and 2 dogs is really interesting I tell ya´. I scrapped it here.


Anilu Magloire said...

I LOVED the pic and the LO you did with it.
Love the watercolor experiments too!

inge said...

HI Lisa,

I can only agree; you live in a beautiful country! I am totaly with you... why go abroad when you've got so much beauty in your own country.
Wish you a happy trip!