Sunday, July 22, 2007

lazy sunday afternoon

ah, how I love lazy days. My husband is freaking out since he has to go back to work tomorrow so he is sulking around. We sat out in the garden and had some fun with the camera :) Oh, ok I had some fun with the camera :) LOL!

Today when i woke up, had my coffee sitting infront of the computer and eating breafast (yes I do that!)(by the way this is what was looking at me while I was sitting here eating breakfast! I love her so much, but at that moment she loved my sandwhiches more :) anyway I just popped in to the "wreck blog" and I realized that my good friend Inge had finally figured out how to post there too. (blogger has had some great issues that last days let me tell you!) I am so happy that we are doing this together! If anyone else wants to play email me and I will send out an invitation! We are just going to share our pages with eachother and well, the world if they want to!

Linda: I love "Wreck this journal" beacuse it is really fun. I have lost that ability to jot and scribble as I did so much during high school and that book is so cool for that. The author writes that sometimes you are going to wonder about a few of the things that you are suppose to do with the journal, and it is very much so. But once you wrecked one page or maybe two you realize that it is really just geting better and better. I recommend it highly!

I am off to scrap a few more of the vacation photos and a few new ones from today! I thnk I will have to try more of those 6*12 pages. They are so much fun!
oh, before you go check out this sweet lo!

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