Tuesday, July 24, 2007

another rainy day

seriously i NEED some sun soon or else my freakin´depression is never going to end!!!

Have you check out my "wreck this journal blog" lately? Do, it is fun...i think :) and my friend Inge too :) Especially the last 2 posts are fun! I am uploading new pages about every other day and it is fun to share them with my friend and the world if you want!

Went into town today to the library. Yay for library day! I have read all my books from last time; another Agatha Christie (not my favorite at all, but I just had to finish it, you know), a Michael Connelly book about his Harry Bosch called Fallen angel ( I think that Michaels books about Harry Bosch gets better and better) and a few books on meditation and relaxation. This time I picked up an earlier copy of the Harry Bosch series called The black echo (we´ll see about that one) and a book by a swedish author called Camilla Läckberg she also writes police/thriller books (do you detect a pattern? :) ), I also got a CD book by Nora Roberts (not my favorite author by far but it got me interested). The library had a exhibition about spanish speaking authors. As it seems they had a "boom" in authors writing about spanish and hispanic history lately. I have always been very curious about those countries and i acctually took spanish class for a brief period of my life. I can proudly order beer (although I don´t dring beer) and icecream (which I like very much!) and a few other useful terms :) Anyway!, I picked up a copy of the José Saramago (nobelprize recipient 1998) from Porugal. "Ensaio sobre a Lucidez" is the original title but I can´t seem to find the english title. I see this one as a challenge for me.
Sorry, blah blah :) I love the libray, and I am proud of it! :)

Since I have been in town all day I have not yet been able to create anything today, but tomorrow...i´ll be back with more Lisa wiz :)

I am leaving you with a cool photo I ran through a LOMO action. You can find that here! it is cool, go try it!


Lisa said...

Vad fin bild! Vad är det där "wreck this journal.." för något egentligen? :)

Jeremy said...

Nice boots! Did you catch anything?