Thursday, July 26, 2007

creating stuff

ok, so i acctually did create something yesterday. First I "created" some newely cut grass :) That is my job here (ontop of alot of other things!) since my husband is allergic to grass. How convinient isn´t it?! :) But I like it, i see it as some alone time with my MP3 and it is tecnically exercise :)
I also scouted a new scrapbook table. You remember I got a new one not long ago, but I realized that it was not tall enough so that i could stand and scrap. Alas i got a taller one. I love it! It is such another thing to stand and create. I like it alot!
Then I started the fun things! I scrapped some things, a few photos from our trip, I still have about a hundred :) But I did feel that i wasn´t really feeling it, you know. I wanted to doodle and paint largely. So I picked out my journal and played with that for a while. You can see one page here.
After that I laid on the floor for a while just looking around and finally got up newely inspired. The first layout i did was this one:

While laying on the floor I got to see my paper bags I haven´t been using for a good while. Volia! I made my printer a little upset with this one, but I hugged it and then it acctually printed the journaling ontop and the stars too.

I was out looking for new fonts on the internet and found a few ones. Mostly dingbat ones which are really versitile. I made this patterned paper myself in the PC using one of those dingbat fonts.

I know that I have scrapped this photo before, but I wanted to scrap the feeling it gives me. I love that we are interacting and are in focus.

The other day I did this one. I love how it turned out!

ok, so I am thinking of maybe possibly opening an online store where I will sell stuff I make myself. I need your help on that. Please make a little vote in the sidebar. You have about a week. Thank you!

Edited: I have changed the answers choices in the poll so if you have already voted please do it again! Thank you.


Lisa said...

Coola LO´s Lisa!

Anilu Magloire said...

Killer pages all of them!