Tuesday, June 19, 2007

slow is beautiful

Hi there, I know that I am late but better late than never, eh!
So, the photo exhibit was a bit of a dissapointment really. The gallery was fantastic though. I found myself saying to my husband: Hey, I could do that! I then I am not bragging! The women sold her stuff and it was like 100 dollars and so. I mean I could make a fortune! Well, i hope there is a new exhibit soon so I can be amazed :)
I have been spending time reading the book SLOW by Honoré. Have you seen it before? Since i am home now with my depression and all I felt the need to read something more challenging than just my normal Agatha Christie and such. I picked it up at the library and started reading it last night before bed. It really makes sense people! SLOW is a movement (if I have understood it correctly) that want more out of life than just the ordinary stress which is so common these days. Recognize it? To just stress down, take it slow, walk slow, read slow, eat slow. They even have Slow Schooling which I can understand to an extend. I understand the angst kids and teenagers go through in school with exams and homework (I have been in school 18 years of my life!). There are schools that teach SLOW learning, which basiclly gives the kids more time to read, reflect and study. That sounds like a good thing! I´d like to live a slower life. Wouldn´t you? Just slow down and really taste the dinner and stop to look around for a change. The author says, that the key is to be aware and use our mindfulness. I have found that, and even more when I have my depressions, I tend to escape into a world that isn´t real. Do you get me? I´ll try to explain; I always have the TV on, or the radio or the computer...those world aren´t real. It is what´s going on right now right here that is REAL. I also tend to go inside my mind and think way to much, which i see is not really real either. So the thought of being more aware is very appealling to me. And just idea to be able to do nothing. It is an art I tell you! Just try to clear your mind and sit on a chair and do nothing. I get ants in my pants after a minute or so :) But I guess thats a matter of practise. I am going to read some more about this.

Ok, here are some new layouts. They and more can also be found at my 2peas and SIS gallery. See links in the sidebar!


Mary Jo said...

I love your layouts!!
and I have to say you have really given me something to think about.
I will definitely have to read that book, because it sounds appealing to me as well!

Nat said...

gorgeous layouts- esp. the one with the playing cards. wonderful1

PROLIX said...


love your blog!!!

it's so fresh as the place where I live!!!

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