Tuesday, June 12, 2007

back from the post office!

So, I am back from a big round at the post office! I have send of

1 package

8 letters/cards

1 letter to the insurence company

1 letter to a book club
We will see who the lucky once are that will recive which letter/package!
I am working on my new CJ "A day in the life of..." for the Suziebeezieland 2007 CJ´s. We are 9 girls in total and I am looking forward to that. My "8 europeans & 3 american CJ" is also going good. The concept of CJ´s are so much fun, don´t you think. You really get friends all over the world, if you are lucky! The next CJ´s are "Fascinating places" and " Your favorite poem and why". I have already chosen the poem and I am so looking forward to work in that CJ! I am having a hard time choosing the places that I really like. But I am sure it will come to me while I am flipping through the other amazing entries!
I will be back to give you a sneak peek to my new CJ later today!
Now I am going back to do the thing I am doing on that crazy photo! Sun tanning! :)

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