Tuesday, June 26, 2007

guess who made the catwalk!

Yep that would be ME! Every week the SIS site make their fashonistas pick their favorite project in the gallery. And this week I was picked by Sarah Bowen. What a wonderful feeling! I don´t scrap for others (accept my family!) but there is a feeling of greatness when someone else thinks that your work is worth mentioning. Yay! You can see everything here!

Maybe that was the reason that I acctally created today! I mentioned a mini book I started the other day and I completed it today. I have more and more come to turns with the phrase: Less is more! I wanted it be all about the photos here and I am happy! :) Me and my daughter took a bunch of silly photos one lazy afternoon and i wanted to save them in a cute way. I used some of the very beautiful paper from my Far East mat pack which I tend to forget I even have.

I also had a this black board thing laying around that I got at a thriftshop months ago. It had a nursery rhyme on the top, but I just put some pretty paper there instead and am going to use it in the kitchen.

As my daughter is in that "teeth-dropping-age" I altered a little box for her teeth to go in. The title says "my dropped teeth" :)

Finally I have to share a funny, cute story. I phoned the very Suziebeezie up last night! I think she was suprised :) We chatted for a little while and it was plesant. This is what she said on her blog today:
"more matchmaking
Lisa O. called me today from Sweden!
She sounds exactly like Ingrid Berman! Oh my gosh, such an incredibly beautiful voice!
And what a sweet woman!
Lisa O. + Suzanne "
How cute is that!
Finally, I am happy that one of my favorite scrappers and fashonistas Courtney DeLaura found the way to my blog! :)


susan opel said...

Huge congrats on the Catwalk! That ROCKS!

Lisa said...

congrats on the catwalk!! and your projects are super cute!!!

Anilu Magloire said...

I love reading your posts!
CONGRATS on the Catwalk!! Soooo well deserved. They chose one of my fave pages of yours.

micayla said...

Yay for you girl. I am off to check it out now!!!

nadine said...

congratulations lisa!

i love all these mini books that you've been coming up with!

Mary Jo said...

Congratulations on making the Catwalk, Lisa!
I need to get over to that site more.
It looks like fun!!