Saturday, April 07, 2007


I have calmed down now :)
My Dearest husband have done this for me :) Isn´t it cute. We are going to use it as a breakfast area. I love it!

I also have an altered item to show you. My SIL had her birthday the other day and since it´s easter and everything the post isn´t going out from here until tuesday so I altered a Nepal Whool black bag. She loves red and white dots and I love to make felt flowers = Voila!

Easter has past calmly so far. We colored eggs yesterday and the colors makes me so happy. And the cute hen makes me smile :) My DD and I went all crafty with some felt the other day :)

Another thing that makes me happy is to see the seeds growing on my window shelf. I have all green fingers now :) NOT! :)

We went to buy some icecream down in the harbour before and there is a little shop that I was a part of starting up a cuple of years ago. We went in for a stroll and I came home with some really cool wood cases for my paper and stickers. Cool, right!

Thats all for now, folks! Thanks for stopping by and please say hi in the comments section!


Jeremy said...

Hi!! Don't know if you got my message. I'm out in France this weekend with my Mom, but I picked up a few things for you and S from here.. hope you enjoy it!

Happy Easter!!

inge said...

Hi Lisa,

Happy easter.
I love to take a look in your home. It looks like a very nice place to be hanging out!

Question: how did you color those eggs? I think they look great!

XOXO Inge said...

great, great photos! love the nook!

scrapcat said...

beautiful pics!
happy easter!