Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Friday Post #2

Ok, so I am back! I had a nice slow day around here. And to my suprise I did make it to my scraproom! YAY! I acctually made a few layouts. First I used those skater photos again, just because they are favorites at the moment. I wanted them simple just so I can go back to see how beautiful and sweet she was at that very moment.

Sometimes I just have to scrap my DH aswell! I used a favorite B&W photo I took last summer down at the beach. I love the photo and that is just what I wanted this to be all about. The journaling simply states: Just a beautiful photo!

Back to DD again :) She has always been such an active child always running, jumping and very much climbing. My mom always says that DD never takes the easy way, and I agree. But I think thats a good thing, she has her own way, taking her own road and has her own agenda.

When my DD was born she had a head full of very dark hair. Then as she became 6 months or so all that hair was gone. She had almost no hair until she was like 1.5. Then this beautiful angelic hair full with curls came ahead. She was almost known for her hair. I found this 2 year-old photo and can´t help thinking back on those days. She still has her curls, but not as much anymore. I miss them!

Ok, guys how about that. Didn´t I do good in one day?! :) I am sorry to say that I have yet no pictures of the table and chairs due to one tired husband...aka mr-i´ll-do-it-tomorrow!

Have a nice friday!


Nathalie said...

I saw your LOs on 2 peas and wanted to say I love them, especially the trhee first. Love their simplicity, just focused on beautiful pictures... THAT'S scrapbooking!
TFS! Nathalie :o)

inge said...

Wow Lisa!!!

I think your mojo is flowing like crazy! Can I have some of yours?! :)